Friday, April 19, 2013

International Association of Daddypreneurs is a Happy Client of Kimberly Jessy Companies

Kimberly Jessy Companies gets Endorsed by International Association of Daddypreneurs! owned and operated by Karl H. Jones, SR


PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 1, 2013 - HOLLYWOOD -- Karl Jones, states "I watched Kimberly Jessy Bowles for several years before approaching her, change other people's life and business, I knew in my gut she was right for my goals" I was lost and confused on where to start my business and how to make it lucrative, engaging, standout, and easy. I signed up with Kimberly initially in her monthly coaching club. Kimberly Jessy was dynamic that I knew I needed more. I then signed up in her New York Times Best Seller Training. The information was PHENOMINAL. Kimberly gave numbers, facts and taught us how to do joint ventures that would yield us results. Kimberly also taught us how to take our books and turn them into multiple streams of income. I then went on and joined her Luxury Laptop Experience program. Since then I created The International Association of Daddypreneurs. I wrote two graphic novels, I created an info product and I have become a Journalist, HOW COOL IS THAT? No other Coach I know has ever been able to match what Kimberly Has done! My family and I are truly blessed!  Karl Jones, Sr.

Kimberly Jessy's Celebritypreneur™ Brand helps clients brand their businesses in ways so that they can get Celebrity Clientele. Celebritypreneur's™ Motto is.

What feeling does a Customer or Potential Customer Get when they look at YOUR BRAND? Does it really represent who you are? Or better yet, does it represent the “Feeling” THE Person want’s to have doing business with you!

Want to Sharpen Your Business Image?
Want to build a Celebrity Business from the Ground up?
Want to learn the essential keys needed in order to be considered a REAL CELEBRITY BRAND?
Want to be the brand the TV Hosts & Journalist go to?
Want to Create your own Magazine Site?
Want to learn how to contact Celebrities? Easily?
Want to learn how to put on an Event and Invite Celebs?


If you don’t stand out from the crowd you DON’T STAND A CHANCE IN YOUR BUSINESS!!
Kimberly Jessy Companies runs an International Online Publicity Boutique specializing in Online Publicity, Online Marketing, and Branding. Kimberly Jessy Companies has several mega brands, including, Paper Doll Branding™, Doll Phace Press™, Once Upon A Story Book Publishing™, Glamourpreneur™ and more.

Kimberly Jessy has been dubbed

“The Lady Gaga of “Marketing & Branding”

Kimberly Jessy is a “STAND OUT EXPERT” that teaches:

Flamboyant Marketing, That Attracts, Intrigues, & Inspires ~STAND OUT & Be the Celebrity In Your Niche ..

Kimberly Changes Lives.

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